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  • SAP ERP is one of the most reliable and stable enterprise resource planning software. SAP ERP incorporates the key business functions of an organization. It is mandatory in the Major financially developed and developing countries.We offer the following courses under SAP

    SAP FICO(Finance and Controlling )

    For any company to operate an FI mod ule is imperative because most of the business processes are channeled through Financial Accounting. SAP financ ials enables an international company to centrally track and consolidate data of multiple companies having dif ferent languages, currencies, charts of accounts, laws etc. Also one can get the consolidated Statements at the click of a button.

    Eligibility :- UG/PG from Commerce stream /MBA

    • FI General Ledger

      • Gl account creation FS00

      • Gl document creatin F-02

      • Reports: Gl display balances

      • Fblsn

      • Outgoing payments F-07

      • Incoming payments F-06

      • Parking documents F-65

      • Holding documents

      • Document reversal FB08
    • Accounts payable

      • Vendor creation X KOl

      • Vendor invoice F-4S

      • Vendor reports FBL1N

      • Vendor payments F-5s

      • Issue manual checks

      • House banks Fi12

      • Check lots FCHI

      • Manual checks FCH5

      • Check register report FCHN

      • Check encashment FCH6

      • Check cancellation FCH8

      • Posting of advances to vendor F-48, F-4S, F-54, F-44/ F-5s
      • Credit memo F-41

      • Terms of payment OBB8

      • Automatic payment program (APP)

      • Accounts receivable

      • Customer creation XD01

      • Customer invoice F-22

      • Customer payment F-28

      • Customer reports FBL5N

      • Posting of advance received from customer F- 9, F- ,F-S9, F-s

      • Dunning (sending reminders to customers)
    • Reporting

    SAP MM(Material Management)

    SAP MM (Material Management) is one of the popular SAP modules pre f erred by SAP aspirants to gain skills and specialization in vezy specific area of expertise to boost their career credibility.SAP MM has a vezy good job prospect and opportunities in the ERP Market. Normally all the manufacturing £ums as well as delivezy £ums implement SAP with SAP MM mod ule. This gives a lot of choices for a SAP MM Profess ional to chose the organisation where he wants to work and tackle new challenges. With advent of SAP S/4 HANA the basic concept of Material Management has not changed in organisations, but how you map those in SAP has changed a bit.

    Eligibility :- UG/PG from Commerce stream /MBA

  • Curriculum
    • SAP Introduction

    • Introd uction to ERP

    • Introd uction to SAP

    • SAP RIs Architecture/li>
    • ASAP Methodology

    • Procurement Process

    • Purchase Group

    • Material Group

    • Master Data

    • Material Master

    • Vendor Master

    • Purchasing Info Record

    • Source List

    • Quota Arrangement

    • Procurement of Stock and Consumable Material

    • Request for Quotation

    • Management Quotation Processing

    • Purchase requisition Creation
    • Purchase Order Creation Contracts

    • Scheduling Agreements

    • Blanket Purchase Order

    • Automatic PO Creation

    • Inventory Management

    • Goods Receipts

    • Reservations and Goods Issue

    • Stock Transfers

    • Transfer Posting

    • Special Inventory Management

    • Features

    • Stock Transport Order

    • Physical Inventory Management

    • Batch Management

    • Invoice Verification

    • Credit Memos

    • Subsequent Debits and Credits
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